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    Harbin Quanke medi-technical development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. It was founded by Wang Xianglin who invented QK-STSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS fifteen years ago. Adhering to the aim of "To benefit the human being and improve the life quality and health condition", we have been developed and produced more than twenty kinds of QK-series products including twenty invention patents. QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS , which was honored the title of "China's Utmost" by the Economic Research Center of the State Council and listed in the "Dictionary of China' Utmost", was awarded international gold prize by Einstein Invention and the title of "The National New Product" by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC in 2002. Only has QK-SYSTEMIC THEPAPEUTIC APPARATUS been granted the glory. QK-series products have passed the international certification of ISO-9001, and are sold well domestically, also exported to U.S.A., Korea, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia etc. in nowadays; Quanke has been a famous brand that is popular with the customers all over the world.

    The successful invention of QK-SYSTEIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS is an important development in biomedical engineering, lay a theoretical and practical foundation for creating a non-medicine new therapy, providing an ideal new method for the living standard and health level of the human kind, find a new path for the treatment of common diseases, chronic diseases, and various complicated diseases(including cancer)to be cured with difficulty and add a new therapy for enhancing curative effect of various diseases and routine treatment provided by a variety of hospitals.

    QK-SYSTEMIC THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS has clear effect on various common diseases, chronic diseases and complicated diseases of digestive, circulation, nervous, immune, incretory, respiratory, etc. systems. It can relieve pain, diminish inflammation and swelling, fasten the wound healing, restrain the tumor, eliminate the side-effect caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy etc. QK-SYSTEMIC THEPAPEUTIC APPARATUS is applied not only in every department of hospitals, but also widely in sanitariums, convalescent hospitals and the clinics of city and town.

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